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KMG Enterpreises LLC is launching a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Opportunity for you to get in on the tremendous cash flow we're generating!

We're not only about producing tremendous talent and writing music that's significant!  We're here to
give back to those who make all this possible.

KMG has developed several capital vehicles that you can now access their tremendous cash flows through our exclusive "Opportunity Token" AP lxxxviii (88)!

KMG Enterprises LLC Members get Money when
they capitally syndicate and participate with our
Media, Motion, Metal & Municipality Projects!

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Get your AP lxxxviii
Opportunity Token Exclusively at:     


With an extensive network of both business and entertainment professionals, Dr. Cates is actively managing key relationships between top tier financiers and developers for project developments stretching from Allensworth, California to
Metro Atlanta, Georgia.  


Dr. Cates is currently the acting Business Relations Manager between Prado Group F.B.O. and
BBI Developments.  This connection has garnered international opportunities for his businesses with Prado Group F.B.O. as the fiduciary manager for launching several domestic and foreign projects.


Having an unshakable desire to his revolutionary approach for teaching today’s youth, and building tomorrow’s sustainable communities, he is hoping to increase gross domestic productivity yields through a grass roots approach to achieving economic stability.

And now, through Asset Pool 88, you too can "Cash Flow with Khao!"


Money in Media

Educational & Entertainment Media production are among the most lucrative industry sectors of the free capital market ...and you know KMG Enterprises LLC has the plug on it!  Now you have the opportunity through AP88 to participate and Cash Flow with Khao!

Video Game Invention

Money in Motion

Looking for a steady residual royalty?  AP88 Transport & Logistical coordination provide member participants with a stable legacy generated from a well oiled trucking & transport cooperation between KMG Enterprises LLC & Signet of Truth Transportation LLC!  Drive your portfolio and Cash Flow with Khao!


Money in Metal

Enjoy a store of wealth vehicle with real strength!  You can put your capital to work & hedge inflation with the stability of precious metals.  KMG Enterprises LLC holds contractual land assignment assayed at over $8,000,000,000 USD of in-ground assets coupled with a mining operation built on site!  Now you can help us extract the raw value from mother earth, and then put it to work! Cash Flow with Khao!


Money in Municipalities

Oh yeah!  We got the ins on an approved $2.5B USD community development project in God's Country, Georgia!  We're moving mountains and building cities, leave your legacy by taking part in developing model municipalities, and Cash Flow with Khao!

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