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Dr. Kevin "Khao" Cates



Dr. Kevin “Khao” Cates is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and music producer. Khao, a native of Montgomery, Alabama, is also the same multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producer, who lives by the motto...


"Don't just be successful, be significant!” 

With over 30 million combined records sold, Khao has revolutionized the sound of Hip-Hop music by producing sounds and melodies that cross various genres of music. He has also positioned himself as a major player in the music industry, while maintaining full control of his production and publishing. This is almost unheard of in the music industry.  Khao has brought the world mega hits such as T.I.’s Why You Wanna.”  Additionally, Khao has produced for several major recording artists to include: Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z , Nicki Minaj, Reuben Studdard, Lil’ Kim, Pharell Williams, Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Yo Gotti, Goapele, Paul Wall,Tory Lanez, and Joyner Lucas.  In 2009 Khao produced records on the Rick Ross album Deeper Than Rap and in 2010 he produced records on Ludacris’
Battle of the Sexes album.  Both albums debuted at #1. 


Khao is the executive producer and music producer of “Video Girl,” starring Meagan Good, Lisa Raye, and a host of others. He was the partner and music producer of “You, Me and the Circus” (an Omar Epps film starring Columbus Short and Marlon Wayons, directed by Ty Hodges).  Khao is also the lead music producer of
Canal Street, ( A 2019 film by Rhyan Lamarr starring Bryshere Y. Gray and Mekhi Phifer)


Khao has also produced music as part of a youth financial literacy curriculum, Money Matters, on behalf of the Charles Schwab Foundation. Along with production, entrepreneurship, and scoring films, Khao is an A&R (Artist & Repertoire) at Sony Records, responsible for scouting new talent and artist development.

With an extensive network of both business and entertainment professionals, Khao is actively managing key relationships between top tier financiers and developers for project developments stretching from Allensworth, California to Metro Atlanta, Georgia.  He is currently the acting Business Relations Manager between

Prado Group F.B.O. and BBI Developments.  This connection has garnered international opportunities for his businesses with Prado Group F.B.O. as the fiduciary manager for launching several domestic and foreign projects.  Having an unshakeable desire to his revolutionary approach for teaching today’s youth, and building tomorrow’s sustainable communities, he is hoping to increase gross domestic productivity yields through a grass roots approach to achieving economic stability.

Bridging DA Gap!


Epic Events

Talent Booking & Event Productions

KMG Enterprises LLC was established to focus on booking the Top Artists to bring the highest quality entertainment right to your home town!

More importantly, the proceeds generated from these events are used to improve the quality of life by empowering people, and shaping young minds to stimulate positive growth and increase the value of servant leadership within each of our communities.

Project Development

Searching & Deploying

Unique Value

If you believe you have a "Unique Value Proposition" to offer the world, let KMG Enterprises give you a hand-up and bless the masses with your opportunity!

KMG Enterprise LLC has capital, contacts and solutions that may be able to Co-Op with you and see your vision through.  We want to make you a
NON-CAPITALISTIC proposal to "Cooperate" with you, VESTED together in seeing a mutual vision through.  We're interested if your idea/talent will empower people or improve your local and national GDP.


Producing Significance!

Khao Music Group has unparalleled music production expertise and the most advance technology to bring your lyrical genius into a published audio / visual masterpiece!  And if you exhibit excellence, you may even gain exposure by opening for some of our A-List talents as we have managing interest in each of events we produce.

What people say about Dr. Cates...

Carrie Schwab.PNG
"This program is extremely important. 
If we are going to make a change in our youth, we have to be bold and relevant.  That is exactly what Khao is all about."

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, Charles Schwab Corp.

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